Kimono Rental REN Asakusa

3 minutes on foot to Sensoji-temple. The price of Kimono rental starts at 3,500 yen. Even though that's a very reasonable price, you can choose best Kimono for you in various designs.
If you make a reservation by the day before and come to our shop on time , you can get  discount! 

■Business hours■

Open 10:00 am  Close 5:00 pm 
We're closed on Tuesdays  (Open on public holidays)

If you would like to contact after business hour, Please contact us on E-mail, Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM.


Reserve by the day before, Get 1,000 yen discount! You can reserve in English on Facebook or Instagram!

Kimono rental with hair set ¥4,500→¥3,500 ~

■NEW homepage■

This webpage is currently not updated. Please visit our new homepage.

The features of Kimono rental REN

Reasonable price 3,500yen~

The premium Kimono that is traditional and made of silk is starting at 6,000yen, also a good price! The rental plan includes all of items and we dress up Kimono for you.

Photo space

There is a photo space for taking nice photos even on a rainy day. You can use Japanese umbrella, swords and fan in the store! We can help to take some photos by your camera.

More than 200 kimono

We have a lot of Kimono and Yukata in various design from cute to gorgeous! We sure that you will find the best Kimono that make you look more beautiful! 

Japanese modern style

The Red stairs and Japanese lanterns are beautiful. You can enjoy Kimono here in this stylish and cleanliness store.
You can use free Wi-fi and electrical outlets for waiting.

■Flow of Kimono rental■


Please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire and confirm notes of Kimono rental. 
*For crime prevention measures and Covid-19 measures, we would like to take a picture of your ID such as residence card and passport.

2.Choosing Kimono and sash

There are many Kimono, please pick up and take a look. If you can't decide what to choose, please feel free to ask us.
On the webpage "KIMONO" you can look our Kimono in advance. If you decide 1 Kimono, we can put the Kimono aside for you (300 yen)  

3.Dressing up

We will dress the Kimono to you, so don't worry about how to wear Kimono. It takes about 10 minutes.
You can take photos and video when you dress Kimono.

4.Setting hair style

Please choose from 7 hair style. *we don't use hair iron for safety.

The customers without hair set also choose 1 hair accessory. If you want to use many accessories, it's additional cost of 500 yen. You can use as many as you want! 


Please pay before departure. You can use not only cash but also credit card, IC card and other cashless payment ( Paypay / LinePay / apple Pay …)

6.Taking photos and going around Asakusa

You can take photos with shooting Japanese items and photo background in the store. We will help to take some photos.
In asakusa, there are historical building, good places to take photos and fashionable cafe! 


Return time is until 5:00 pm. (if you reserve after 1:00 pm, you can rent until 5:30 pm)
If you want to wear Kimono for long time or in the night, you can use "Next day return" (+1,000 yen),too.

7.Posting on your SNS

Please post your best Kimono photos on your Instagram or Facebook with tagging us! The review on Google Maps also make us happy. 
If you show us the screen of tagging post or review, you can get 500 yen discount coupon for next time.

■Contents of the plan■

Each of rental plan includes following items and service.

Selectable! Kimono / Sash / Japanese sandals / Japanese drawstring bag / 1 hair accessory (for women) / Japanese short coat (for men) 
Items for dressing Kimono / Japanese socks
Dressing Kimono on you 
Keeping your luggage

Return time :until 5:00 pm

【Ladies' hair set】
*we don't use hair-iron for safety.
*If you choose the Kimono rental plan without hair set, please set your hair before coming our store. You can't do in our store.

*We don't provide make-up service, please make-up yourself before coming our store.

■The price of rental plan■

Ladies' standard Kimono ¥3,500

Ladies' standard Kimono & hair set ¥4,500

Standard Kimono is made of polyester. There are many colors and patterns at a flat rate. 

Ladies' premium Kimono ¥6,000

Ladies' premium Kimono & hair set¥7,000

Premium Kimono is made of natural fiber such as silk, wool and cotton. It's a more traditional and formal Kimono.

Men's standard Kimono ¥4,500

Men's premium Kimono ¥7,000

There are many men's Kimono from M size to 3L size. In winter, Haori (a half- length Japanese coat) is also including.

Couple plan ¥8,500/ couple 

(Ladies' Standard Kimono with hair set
Men's standard Kimono)
*if you choice premium Kimono plan, couple plan makes the total price to discount 500 yen. 

■Optional items■

"Chufurisode" Standard plan+¥500

Chufurisode have middle length sleeves. It give more spectacular impression than usual Kimono.
We recommend to match with Hakama.  

Nagoya-obi +¥1,500

This type of obi become like a square shape.   

Fukuro-obi  +¥2,000

"Fukuro-obi" is commonly used for formal Kimono, such as "Furisode". It looks so gorgeous.

Hakama ¥1,500/

There are Hakama styles for both men and women. Hakama is a divided or pleated skirt worn over a KImono.
It is worn mostly on ceremonial occasions such as weddings by men and graduation ceremonies by women.

■Optional items■

Many hair accessories as you want ¥500/person

1 hair accessory is included in rental plan for free.
If you want to use more than 2 accessories, it's additional cost of 500 yen. We recommend that you use 1 big flower and many little flowers or pearls.

Obi code ¥500

"Obizime" is decorative string used to hold a kimono sash in place. We will arrange the code as flower, heart and so on.

★If you follow our Facebook or Instagram, you can use for FREE!

collar with lace ¥800

This is the latest trend in Japanese girls. 

Basket bag¥500

The bag is big enough to put a long wallet and many items in.
*Japanese drawstring bag is included in the rental plan for free.

Premium bag ¥1,000~2,000

We have more gorgeous bag, too.

Far tippet ¥500・Premium Japanese coat ¥1,000

For cold winter, we prepare far tippet and Japanese short coat, too. 

Umbrella with Japanese- style ¥500

【Happy rainy day!】
In case it is raining when you pay after dressing Kimono, renting an umbrella per group for FREE!
*The paper umbrella is not allowed to use outside of the store.

Japanese mask / fan for shooting ¥500

You can bring Japanese mask or Japanese fan for shooting outside of the store.
*In the store, you can use for free.

■Optional services■

Keeping your big luggage ¥500/bag

We keep your luggage for additional cost if it's too big such as trolley bag.
You can go sightseeing easily!

Next day Return ¥1,000/day

If you would like to wear Kimono for long time or at night, you can use the next-day return plan.
*You have to apply at the time of payment before departure.


Reserve by the day before, Get 1,000 yen discount! You can reserve in English on Facebook or Instagram!

Kimono rental with hair set ¥4,500→¥3,500 ~

FAQ (about Kimono)

Do we have to dress a Kimono ourselves?

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No, we will dress up Kimono to you, that service is included in the rental plan. Don't worry about how to wear Kimono! 

Is there anything we need to prepare?

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The rental plan includes all items for wearing Kimono such as drawstring bags, Japanese socks and sandals, so please just bring yourself.
For wearing Kimono beautifully and comfortably, please wear leggings and undershirt that open neckline under your clothes on the day. 

We don't provide make up service, so please make up yourself before coming our store. And If you reserve the plan without hair set, please set before coming store.

How long will it take for dressing Kimono and setting hair style?

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It will take about 40 min. - 1 hour /person.
      Reception and Choosing Kimono : 10 min. - 20 min.
      Dressing Kimono : 10 min.
      Setting hair style : 15 min.
      Preparing for departure and Checking : 5 min. 

Is there big size or little size?

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Women : Kimono for women can flexibly adjust one's size. (about 140 cm to 170 cm ) There are many Free size Kimono, but there are about 15 L size and 4 BL (wide and long) size, too.  

Men : There are M size to 3L size each color. (about 150 cm to 185 cm) 

Can pregnant women wear Kimono? 

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We don't dress up Kimono to pregant women because the Kimono sash are tied tightly. Even if dressing Kimono could affect your health or your baby, we will not be responsible.

FAQ (about booking) 

Do we need to make a reservation?

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Walk-ins customers (without reservation) also welcome! 
However we will prioritize customers with reservation and reservation customers can get 500 yen discount. You can make a reservation on Facebook messenger or Instagram DM in English.

How can we make a reservation?

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You can make a reservation on Facebook messenger or Instagram DM in English.

FAQ (about payment)

Can we use anything other than cash?

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You can use following cashless payment.
・Credit card (VISA / JCB / mastercard / AMERICAN EXPRESS / Diners Club / Discover / Union Pay )
・IC card (Suica / PASMO / ICOCA  etc. )
・QR(ApplePay / PayPay / QUICPay / LINE Pay / WeChat Pay / Alipay )

Should I pay in advance or later?

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Please pay at the store after preparing for departure ( dressing Kimono and setting hair style). You don't have to pay in advance, even if you make a reservation.


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Phone   +81-3-5246-3955

E-mail   [email protected]

Instagram  @asakusa_ren_kimono

Facebook   @Asakusa_ren

Kimono Rental REN

Kitahachi building 2F, 1-39-13, Asakusa, Taito-ku, tokyo

Business hour



*we're opened on national holidays


Reserve by the day before, Get 1,000 yen discount! You can reserve in English on Facebook or Instagram!

Kimono rental with hair set ¥4,500→¥3,500 ~